Sunday, 11 September 2011

Loch Morlich revisited

We visited Lock Morlich on our Highland holiday last year. We spent a beautiful afternoon there playing in and around the water and enjoyed a leisurely picnic on the shore. This year...this year it was bitterly cold and you wouldn't have got me in that water for love nor money! The Podlings weren't quite so easily deterred and somehow managed to get soaking wet despite being instructed not to 'go deeper than your wellies'. The adults cowered on the shore drinking tea from a thermos and watched in wonderment the little crazy people who seemed immune to the cold!

 Feeding the ducks

 I feel this picture of my lovely mother-in-law goes some way towards illustrating how cold it was! She looks absolutely freezing!

My capacious shawl was still woefully inadequate. I was very cold!

I love this picture. It looks like Tom is walking on water!

'Wasn't I wearing Wellies?'

'Oh, there they are! Guess that explains why my feet are wet.'

.Mark grinding the dust of his enemies beneath his feet (or something equally heroic no doubt)

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