Thursday, 25 August 2011


After our visit to Bodiam Castle we drove to the coast for a fish supper. Mark and I are both from coastal counties, so we grew up being able to choose what fish you want when you go into a fish and chip shop. We assumed this was the norm until we moved 'up north'. We have found that where we currently live, you can buy "fish" and chips, but rarely can you get a named fish. On the rare occasions that the fish are named, the choice is somewhat less than we are used to. One of the things on our list of things to do in Sussex was to get "named fish" and chips. We particularly wanted Huss as you just can't seem to get that in Staffordshire.

We chose to go to Eastbourne as we figured it would quieter than Brighton. We enjoyed our Huss and chips at dusk on the beach as we looked across to the pier. The Podlings had fun playing on the beach and Lily and Emma even went paddling with Daddy in the dark (crazy people!). We ended off the day with a walk along the pier. Opened in 1870, the pier still maintains much of its Victorian charm. There was even a Victorian tea room on the pier I would have loved to visit, had it not been nine o'clock at night and decidedly closed!

Huss and chips...yum!

 Eastbourne pier

Eastbourne beach at night. Lily is showing us her favourite rock. She collected LOTS of pebbles from the beach!

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