Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sussex bound

Mark in Ashdown Forest (aka Hundred Acre Wood) in 2004

We're off on a short holiday to Sussex tomorrow. Mark is from Sussex, so he has a natural fondness for the county. My love of Sussex came from the many weekends we spent exploring it during our 'courting' days. We were studying in Guildford, so after a week in the lab it was lovely to hop in Mark's car and drive around the neighbouring county on summer weekends. We enjoyed the South Downs, the coast and many of the historic towns, castles and stately homes in the region. I have many happy memories of the times we spent there.

This is the first time we have visited the area properly since having the Podlings and we are looking forward to sharing some of our love of the place with them. We will be returning on Wednesday night and then I will have a frantic laundry and packing session as we are then off on our 'main' holiday on Friday. We will be driving up to the Highlands for a week, staying in the same place we went to last year. It is going to be a fun-filled couple of weeks, but there probably won't be much time for blogging. Don't worry if the blog is quiet for a while...I'm sure I will more than make up for it with masses of photos when we get back!

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Fi said...

Only you two could go nearly as far south as possible before turning round and heading nearly as far north as possible.

Hope you have a great time in both!