Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bodiam Castle

On the second day of our visit to Sussex we took the Podlings to Bodiam Castle. Mark and I came here many years ago and we really wanted the Podlings to see it. As Mark says, if you want to see a castle that looks exactly like you would expect than Bodiam is the place to be! It was built in 1385 and most of the exterior wall is still intact. Enough of the interior survives to give you a good impression of how it would have looked and we had fun climbing the spiral staircases and exploring the battlements. We all enjoyed our visit, but Tom was especially excited about the castle. He and I went off and explored the bits that would have been too hard for Emma while Mark took the girls to see the video about the castle. Lily was full of little tidbits of history when we all met up again.

 We bought the Podlings swords and shields at Legoland and they were very excited to take them to storm the castle. Emma has got it slightly wrong and is holding her hood aloft instead of her sword, but she does her best to be like the others!

 An extremely rare photo of all five of us!

The interior of the castle, taken from one of the battlements

 Tom on a battlement, with the Sussex countryside behind him

 Bodiam Castle is surrounded by the most magnificent oak trees.

 Mark carried Emma to the top of one of the battlements and she enjoyed looking down at the ground below.

 We were enjoying ourselves so much we stayed till the castle closed.

It is a truly splendid castle!

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Fi said...

If you want to do some more castles, come and stay again. As you can imagine, Wales has more than its fair share of castles and I reckon Simon would love to explore with Lily!

Apart from the "real" castles there are also Castell Coch (a folly) and Cardiff Castle which are more like posh houses and definitely worth a look (I would suggest doing the latter ohne Podlings though!)