Thursday, 25 August 2011

Legoland Windsor

Lego Leuven (in Belgium). The building on the right is a replica of the town hall, which Mark and I have seen a couple of times. It is a truly magnificent building in reality and the Lego version is pretty impressive too!

Our Legoland Discovery annual pass allowed us one free entrance to the much larger Legoland attraction in Windsor, so we planned to surprise the Podlings with a trip here during our visit down South. Tom was very excited when he recognised the Legoland sign as we drove past it! We had a slightly rocky start thanks to tired and cranky Podlings, but everyone settled down and we had a lovely couple of hours exploring Miniland and some of the other attractions. This place is massive and we barely scratched the surface of what there is here, but since Mark and I aren't big on theme park rides, we weren't too upset about that! We would have liked time to take the Podlings to Duplo Land, but hopefully we can fit that in next time.

 Tom exploring Lego Scotland

I was a Girl Guide and later a Guider in my younger days and I loved our Guide camps, so I couldn't resist taking a photo of this rather sweet Lego Guide camp. 

 This Lego tableau was rather appropriate as we had broken down on our way down to Sussex and needed to call the RAC out. Mark suddenly noticed that the car was losing power and when we pulled into the motorway services and got out of the car we saw diesel pouring out from under the bonnet all over the car park...yikes! They were able to fix the problem, but not until the following morning so we had to stay in a nearby hotel and complete our journey the next day. Thankfully we didn't drive into a river!

 Emma was too tired to enjoy Miniland, but she rallied after resting in the pushchair for a while and enjoyed the remainder of the visit. This is a typical 'tired Emma' pose, with her dummy in her mouth and the corner of her muslin by her nose.

 This rather intimidating Lego dinosaur sprayed water out of its nostrils, accompanied by some rather scary dinosaur noises. The Podlings loved it and spent ages playing underneath it and getting very wet!

 Tom waiting for the dinosaur to spray him again!

Mark, Tom and Lily on the Sky Rider. They had to queue for over 30 minutes to get on this ride, which lasted about three minutes. Thankfully Tom and Lily considered it worth the wait. Meanwhile, Emma and I went for a wander and discovered the source of the Lego bricks at Windsor...

 Apparently, the Lego bricks are mined by moles beneath the site of Legoland Windsor! Emma loved this little animated tableau and I had to keep taking her back there.

 Emma and Lily both really enjoyed trying to make Lego bricks stay on this moving platform. The aim is  to build a Lego building that can withstand the Lego 'earthquake'.

 Lily on a Lego biplane

 The Podlings enjoying (very expensive) icecream.

 Given that we are heading to the Highlands tomorrow, I thought this little Lego Highland Games rather fitting!

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