Sunday, 14 August 2011

Legoland again!

Tom, lover of all things Lego, is in his element at Legoland. 

Our annual pass to Legoland Discovery runs out at the end of this month, so we wanted to squeeze in another visit before then. We have learnt that it is better to go late in the day as it gets much quieter after five and the centre is open until seven. As usual the Podlings had a great time and Emma is getting more out of it now that she is a year older than when we first got the pass. Although we have been several times before, today was the first time we took them to see the 4-D Lego feature in the little cinema they have there. I fully expected to spend the entire time chasing Emma around the cinema, but she loved it and quickly worked out that she needed to keep her glasses on to enjoy the film. In fact, we all enjoyed the little Clutch Powers adventure (the Podlings love Clutch Powers) and it was probably the highlight of today's visit. As usual, we let Tom acquire a few Lego men in the gift shop before heading out for a late tea. We will probably get another annual pass as we have had such good use out of this one.

 Tom showing us his missing front teeth. He lost the second top tooth about two weeks ago and I still can't quite get used to seeing him with a gap!

Emma loved wearing her glasses!

 Lily took her glasses off when the rock monster came on. "I don't like having it close to me." she explained. They went straight back on again afterwards though.

 Tom looking super cool in his glasses.

Emma racing in the Lego car in the gift shop. The benefits of the annual pass are slightly offset by having to exit the attraction through the gift shop! On the plus side, the annual pass does give you a 10% discount off the overpriced merchandise!

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