Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rain, sea and sand

What's a family to do on a Sunday afternoon when it's cloudy, windy and threatening rain? Why, head to the beach of course! Well, that's what we did today anyway. We dressed warmly, packed a picnic tea and drove to North Wales to enjoy a rather British afternoon on the beach. We were a little concerned when we first arrived as it was raining quite heavily, but it soon settled down enough that we were able to get out and enjoy the beach. It stopped raining after about ten minutes and we all had a lovely time and got to enjoy our picnic on the beach. Mark, Lily and Emma even went paddling...crazy people! It was a wonderful afternoon and we were even lucky enough to enjoy the most vibrant rainbow I've seen for years for much of the journey home. Who needs sunshine to go to the beach...not us!
 It was coats on and hoods up when we first got to the beach. Tom was feeling camera shy today, so this is the only picture I have of him. He is in typical pose as he spent almost the entire time we were there collecting shells and pebbles.

 Emma and Lily making sand angels
Mark demonstrating the correct attire for a trip to a British beach in August...hat, coat, sunglasses and sandals. 

 Picnic time!

 I was there too!

 Lily and Emma are obviously immune to the cold. Naturally, Emma fell in the second she walked into the sea! She didn't mind in the slightest.

 The beach was heaven for Emma. It was like the world's biggest sand pit to her! She spent a lot of time playing in a hole in the sand she found.

What's a lady to do when it rains and she has no hood? Why, go all Grace Kelly and wrap her shawl over her head of course!

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Fi said...

Talacre beach! I really must go again...problem is the great childhood memories I have will be tinged with sadness due to the lack of grandparents and great aunts who helped make them.

Is the caravan site still there. They used to have trampolines too, we loved them!