Saturday, 13 August 2011

Operation cup of tea

I'm sure everyone has heard of the disgraceful riots that were taking place across the country this week. Utterly appalling behaviour that is, above all, simply not British. Drinking tea on the other hand, is a very British pastime, so Mark and I were happy to participate in the inspired anti-riot event "Operation cup of tea". The basic premise of this event (set up on Facebook by an inspired young man of whom I know absolutely nothing) was that all civilised people will, at 8.30pm every evening the riots were taking place, stay home and have a cup of tea. An 'anti-riot' as it were. Here is Mark enjoying a cup of Twinings Russian Taiga tea in protest against the riots. As he said in his Facebook post "the Spiderman and Venom mug belies my advancing years!".

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