Thursday, 28 April 2011

Snip Snip

I've been thinking of having my long hair cut into a shoulder length bob for a while and I took the plunge today as I was passing a hairdressers. I had my hair like this a few years ago, but let it grow out. Realistically, I will probably do the same again as I get fed up with styling it after a while and just want to put it up! Plus, I don't have long to get ready in the mornings! My hair grows really fast, so I never worry about adjusting the length (though I wouldn't go any shorter than this). I won't have to wait long to grow it out if I decide I want it longer again. For now I really like it, though it is a fraction shorter than I intended. Not sure what Mark will say when he comes home though!


Lainey said...

Your hair looks nice!

Birthday card and present are still late. Although if Mark is throwing you an offical birthday later, then maybe it's not late at all. Yeah, I'll go with that. Card and present are not, in fact late.

Paula said...

I like your thinking, though I'm not going to criticise anyone for late cards and presents. I'm not actually sure I even sent one for your last birthday did I? I'm so lame!