Friday, 8 April 2011

Poorly Tom

My poor little man is suffering from a chest infection. He has been off school all week and is not a well boy. Trying to get antibiotics into him is proving to be somewhat challenging (and for 'challenging' read 'impossible'). Tom has a very strong gag reflex and simply cannot keep things down if he finds them in any way unpleasant. If he takes too big a mouthful, even things he enjoys can reappear. Suffice to say at least half the course has now been cleaned off the carpet.

We've tried disguising it in his milk and diluting it with water, but no matter how willing he is to try and take his medicine, it just won't stay down. The doctor recommended that I persevere over the weekend and ring them again on Monday if he is no better, but it isn't much fun for the poor little guy in the meantime. He is such a sweet boy and doesn't make a fuss even when he is poorly. He is trying so hard to please us and take his medicine, but, bless him, he just can't do it. I really hope he starts to feel better soon, despite the lack of antibiotics. My poor boy!

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