Monday, 11 April 2011

Hooray for the holidays

It was the first proper day of the Easter holidays today and since it was raining (of course!) I had a good excuse to make the sundry messes with the Podlings that we don't seem to have time for during term-time. We started out in the kitchen and made some chocolate crunchies from Lily's sweet recipe book. Tom wasn't interested in this activity, so Lily did the bulk of it herself, with guidance (and chocolate melting) from me. She did a really good job and they are absolutley delicious. I don't normally post recipes, but I have included the recipe for these at the end of the post. You will thank me!

Whilst the sweets were hardening in the fridge, we broke out our much neglected paint, glitter and glue and made some mess in the dining room. Tom and Lily made gift tags using the instructions in a couple of craft books they own. Much fun was had by all (including me!). By the end of the afternoon there was glitter all over the dining room, melted chocolate all over the kitchen and happy children all over the house. Just the way it should be!

I love the school holidays!

Chocolate Crunchies

3 oz Rich Tea biscuits, broken into tiny pieces (I'm a McVities snob I'm afraid, but I'm sure any brand will do!)
2 oz chopped dried apricots
8 oz chocolate (we used milk chocolate, but you could also use white or plain)
4 tablespoons Golden Syrup
Icing sugar to dredge

1. Melt the chocolate (I always use the microwave...who wants to faff around with double boilers!)
2. Quickly stir in the Golden Syrup, then add the broken biscuits and apricots and mix well.
3. Roll teaspoon size scoops of mixture into balls and pop into paper cases. (I didn't have any petit four cases, so we used mini-muffin cases instead)
4. Put the sweets into the fridge for an hour
5. Dredge with icing sugar
6. Try not to eat them all!

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