Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Egg Hunt

We held our egg hunt after lunch on Sunday. It is getting incredibly difficult to get pictures of Tom and Lily during the egg hunt as they dash around so fast! It was much easier to get pictures of Emma as she kept stopping every time she found an egg in order to open it and eat the contents! We get the Podlings to empty their  baskets into one box as they fill them and then they sit down together after the hunt and open all the eggs together. It saves fights about who got the most eggs, since Lily is rather competitive and a terrible loser!

 Lily chose her own outfit for Easter Sunday. The dark velvet winter party dress and battered three-year-old Easter bonnet weren't exactly what I would have picked out for her, but she was happy!

To the victors the spoils. I love the way Emma looks like she is diving into the bowl of sweets!

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