Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Our Easter tea 

We had a lovely day on Sunday. Unfortunately Mark is rather unwell at the moment, so we didn't make it to church in the morning. I had to satisfy myself with singing 'Thine be the Glory' as I worked in the kitchen. I did roast lamb for lunch, with homemade egg custard tart for pudding. We had the egg hunt after lunch and finished the afternoon off with a lovely Easter tea. The Podlings had a great day and much chocolate was consumed. It is possible they were all on a sugar high by bathtime!

The obligatory Easter nests.

 I made mini-fairy cakes and covered them with chocolate and a mini-egg. Tom doesn't like his fairy cakes decorated, so I just stuck Easter chicks on a few cakes for him.

I did cheat and buy the Simnel cake and cookies. I did, however, put the cookies on a Bunnikins plate to keep with the Easter theme!

We had Mark's parents with us for Easter Sunday, so Tom and Lily took their meals at their little table.

'What shall I eat next?'

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