Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More kitchen fun...

Buttercream wouldn't melt in her mouth, but will apparently spread all over her face! (Good thing it's just us eating the cakes...check out Lily's hair in the icing!)

Easter fairy cakes this time. I love making fairy cakes with the Podlings because they are so quick and easy. Plus, the Podlings love to decorate them. Bright yellow buttercream icing this time, with Cadbury's mini-eggs for decoration. We also made a couple of 'chirpy chicks' from Tom's Easter book...basically your everyday fairy cake with sweets for eyes and jelly diamonds for beaks.

Lily never has to fight over the beater as Tom doesn't like raw cake mix

I may be a bit peculiar, but I don't care how much mess we make when we do an activity together as long as it is clean when we start. I actually cleaned the kitchen before we made these cakes. I will tidy and organise the dining room before we settle down to any crafts. If we are having a family film night, I will run the carpet sweeper around the lounge before we sit down, even though I know the floor will be covered in crumbs by the end of the film. I suspect this is neither sensible nor normal, but it is the way I am!

Decorating the cakes

The Podlings' combined efforts, minus the two they ate!

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