Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I have to admit to being rather patriotic. I am very proud of our country and its long tradition and I am also a big supporter of our Royal Family. Needless to say, I was rather looking forward to the wedding and couldn't let it pass without a little celebration of our own. We all dressed in some combination of red, white and blue and snacked on my celebration tin of McVities biscuits during the ceremony. After watching the wedding, we sat down to a themed lunch before returning to the television for the balcony appearance and flypast. I loved the whole thing and thought the bride's dress was stunning, so simple and elegant. I find it absolutely amazing that a third of the world's population reputedly tuned in to watch the Royal wedding. Perhaps it is because if there is one thing we know how to do well in this country, it is pomp and circumstance!

We enjoyed the rest of our bank holiday with a spot of gardening, followed by tea out. It was a lovely day.

The night before the wedding, I put some bunting up around the lounge and put the Union flags I bought for each of the Podlings in a blue vase. ready for when they got up. Those are my birthday cards on the mantelpiece, in case you are wondering.

 Patriotic Emma

Lily gets in to the spirit of things

Being a boy, Tom had merely a passing interest in the wedding. He popped in briefly during the ceremony and I managed to snap a quick picture of him just to prove he was there!

After the wedding we enjoyed a little themed lunch. Lots of red, white and blue! Much as I wanted to make themed cakes, we have so much sweet stuff about the house with Easter and my birthday that we just didn't need any more cakes!

Tom and Lily were each given one of these mugs by their school. Tasteful they are not, but they were certainly appropriate for our themed lunch.


Melissa Lester said...

I can imagine how proud you were of your country over the weekend. The wedding was absolutely lovely, and I'm glad that the world got to share in that celebration.

Morisot said...

You are right to be proud of your country. You all represented Great Britain admirably over the weekend. I'm so happy we got to share in the celebration with you.