Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mother's Day

Mark gave me a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers "from the Podlings" for Mother's Day. Tom and Lily both made cards for me at school and Mark brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday morning (pains au favourite breakfasts always involve pastries!). I was able to speak to my mum to wish her a happy Mother's Day (how I wish we lived nearer to one another) and we drove to Derby to spend the rest of the day with Mark's family.

I am still enjoying the lovely bouquet every time I look at it. I am also enjoying the three little blessings that allow me to call myself by that wonderful name, Mother. The bouquet will last a few more days, but I will be a mother until the day I die and I thank God for that.

I also thank God that I have such a wonderful mother. It is only when you become a mother yourself that you fully appreciate what your mother has done for you. She continues to serve as a daily inspiration in my mothering journey and I am the mother I am because of the mother she is.

Thank you Mum, I love you!

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