Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day 2014

Today was World Book Day, a day much anticipated by school children everywhere as it means they get to go to school dressed up. The children are supposed to choose a character from a book, nursery rhyme or poem for their costumes and I am a bit of a stickler for this. A lot of people seem to take World Book Day as 'World Fancy Dress Day' and you see lots of children coming to school as Disney princesses or computer game or cartoon characters. Other people go to tremendous efforts to produce wonderful book-themed costumes and the teachers all dress up as well.  I tell the children that there are enough books and stories out there that we are not short of inspiration for our costumes. It is basically a fun day that all the children love.

This year, Tom chose to be Fantastic Mr Fox again, which worked out well for me as we still had the ears I made for him last year and the rest of the costume was easy to put together. Emma was Mary from 'Mary had a little lamb' and Lily was Deborah from the Teddy Robinson stories by Joan G. Robinson. I loved the Teddy Robinson books as a little girl. I gave Lily a copy of the stories for Christmas a couple of years ago and we have been reading them together recently. I suspect nobody other than Lily and I had any idea who she was as nobody seems to read the old stories any more, but I was pleased she chose to be a character from one of my favourite childhood books.

It was Emma's first World Book Day at school and, for a little girl who spends half her life in dressing up costumes, the opportunity to dress up for school was like a dream come true! She was completely in love with the pink straw hat and could actually be found running around the house last night completely naked with the pink hat perched at a jaunty angle on her head. Very cute!

I printed off World Book Day certificates for the Podlings and when they got home from school we made bookworm bookmarks. We had a themed tea with Fantastic Mr Fox's Favourite Chicken Dinner, Teddy Robinson Jelly (jelly made in my teddy bear jelly moulds) and a quick trip to Tesco with Easter on the horizon yielded chocolate lollipops in the shape of lambs for Mary had a little Lamb. To end World Book Day, we finished off the day with stories at bedtime (as we usually do). I think the Podlings had a great day!

Mary had a little lamb

Deborah from the Teddy Robinson stories by Joan G. Robinson. Lily's favourite teddy bear Spencer played the role of Teddy Robinson.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Bookworm bookmarks

Our World Book Day themed menu

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Anonymous said...

I think all three look grand.
I do agree not enough read what you and even I would call the old stories.
We used to love Mrs Pepperpot, and Mr Mejeka stories
and of course being an "oldie" I always loved all the Enid Blyton series which we used to read togethers