Sunday, 16 March 2014

Deep Hayes Country Park

We took a lovely walk around Deep Hayes Country Park this afternoon. It was our first time here and we thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air and the milder weather. The Podlings enjoyed themselves immensely, particularly Tom who loved the stepping stone bridges and fell in love with one particular tree on the walk. The girls had fun collecting sticks and enjoyed feeding biscuit crumbs to the ducks. It really was a lovely afternoon and we will definitely come here again.


A large clump of primroses in the wood. Beautiful!

Lily was a little nervous about the stepping stone bridge, but Tom loved it and went over and back several times just for the fun of it.

Emma was a bit small to manage the stepping stones alone, much to her disgust. She really wanted to do this on her own!

Stopping for hot chocolate and biscuits

A picture of Daddy, taken by Lily

Lily also took this picture of the four of us

Tom sat on his favourite tree

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Ruth said...

You guys look so English, I love it :)