Friday, 14 March 2014

Preview of Upcoming Attractions

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful morning! Today, I got to see the face of my littlest Podling in amazing is that! Since we plan that this will be my last baby, I really wanted to have the chance to experience a 4D ultrasound scan and have been looking forward to today since we booked the scan. However, after an antenatal appointment with my midwife yesterday I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn't actually get to see much of the baby. Apparently, the baby is already engaged, so I was really concerned that we wouldn't be able to see much of the face, and since we don't want to see the other end (boy/girl surprise for us!) I was concerned that we would have wasted a great deal of money!

The baby was, unfortunately, not in a very good position for the scan. Its face was seriously squashed up against the wall of my uterus and the sonographer told us that this makes it a lot harder to get a clear image of the baby. As if this weren't bad enough, the baby kept its hand over its face for much of the scan and the umbilical cord was across the lower part of the face! Our lovely lady sonographer was wonderful! She kept at it for absolutely ages trying to make sure that we got some good images and had a good experience. We saw the baby open and close its mouth, wave its little fingers and stick its little tongue in and out. So precious!

The scan we booked should only have been 10-15 minutes long, but we were in there for a good half an hour (at no extra cost) as the lady valiantly tried to get some good images. I think she did a wonderful job and I am really pleased with the pictures, which are, I think, excellent given the awkward position of the baby.  I have a disk of 47 images and a DVD of the whole scan to immortalise the experience. You are lucky I have restricted myself to just posting seven of them on was hard to choose which ones to share! A huge thank you to the very nice lady sonographer at Premier Scans in Lichfield!

We also had a wellness check of the baby included in the package and everything is looking wonderful. The baby is approximately 4lbs in weight and his/her femur measured 59 mm. The baby is well within normal parameters for my dates is looking lovely and healthy. We were also told that the baby has hair already! Emma had masses of hair when she was born, so it looks like this one my take after his/her sister!

My 4D scan was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute of it. I feel like I have bonded even more deeply with the baby and I just can't wait to see his/her face and kiss that beautiful nose. I am in love with that nose!

Hand up by his/her cheek. That hand spent a lot of time in front of baby's face! I look forward to holding those adorable little fingers in my own in due course.

With mouth open

You can only see half of the baby's face here, but I've included it to show the little smile.


Ruth said...

How cute! We also had a 4D scan with Noah and I loved it - we actually did that on my 24th birthday so it was the best birthday ever! Totally going to do that again if I'm pregnant again! Noah was in a difficult position too, though, but we do have one pretty adorable picture where you can see his 20-week-old little face, precious! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say love Mum. x

Lainey said...

I'm glad you had a nice sonographer, and got some decent images.
At least you got longer watching your podling!