Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A lazy Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday, Mark and I enjoyed one those rarest of commodities for parents of young children, an afternoon to ourselves. We drove round to Mark's parents' house and after lunch they took the Podlings to the cinema for the afternoon, leaving Mark and me with a few hours with no other responsibility than to put the dinner on ready for when they all got back. The nice thing about being in someone else's house was that I had no reason to feel guilty for relaxing. At home, there is always something that needs doing, so even if we get time to ourselves I tend to either do jobs round the house, or feel guilty for not doing them! Sunday afternoon was a blissful chance to just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet with my favourite person and it was lovely!
The weather was absolutely glorious. It was sunny, 16°C and it really felt like the first day of spring. As soon as we waved the Podlings off, we set off for a walk in the country park behind my in-laws' house. We enjoyed a lovely stroll, but had to cut it a little short as we needed to get back to put on the leg of lamb. Once we got back to the house, we made a cup of tea (of course!) and headed out into the garden to relax. It was wonderful to sit out in the sunshine, listening to the birds singing and quietly getting on with my cross stitch sampler.
The Podlings got back full of the joys of the film they had seen and were excited to then get to play with Uncle Ryan, who had come round for dinner with his new wife Carrie. We all sat down to a lovely lamb roast together. A lovely end to a lovely day.




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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sampler. Love Mum. xxxx