Sunday, 2 March 2014


"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014"

Tom, this week we finally managed to get you to the barber's. You have the most wonderful head of thick curls, but it was getting a bit long and the clump of curls at the front was driving you potty! This photo was taken just before we took you to get your hair cut.

Lily, you have been wearing your hair in two plaits most of this week (night and day), just so you could have the pleasure of curly hair this weekend. You accessorized your curls with a length of fairy print fabric worn as a scarf and added your old pink umbrella for good measure!

Emma, you loved using the paints you won in Pass the Parcel at Jacob's party last week. You shared your paints with Lily and Lily shared her glitter glue with you and you both made some lovely pictures. You and Lily have been quite inseparable this week and I love that you are both so close.

Podling Number 4 (29 weeks pregnant), we actually have a picture of you this week thanks to my 28 week growth scan. You are growing well and weigh approximately 3 lb 2oz, according to estimates taken from the scan. Your brother and sisters were allowed in to the scan room, so they got to see you too and were all very excited about it. They all took a copy of your scan photo in to school the next day to show their teachers and friends. You are already much loved by the whole family little one!

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