Sunday, 26 August 2012

We're home!

The view out to sea from the cliffs at Tintagel

We're back home again after a lovely fortnight away. The Podlings and I spent a lovely week at my parent's house in Devon, sadly without Mark as he had to work. We had lots of lovely walks with my dad, ate lots of my mum's lovely home cooking, enjoyed a visit to Plymouth Marine Aquarium and, in the case of my mum and me, talked a lot!

After the week in Devon, Mark came down to collect us and we enjoyed a wonderful week in Cornwall with Mark's parents, who very kindly took us on holiday this year. We all stayed in a mobile home in Widemouth Bay and had the most splendid time swimming, going to the beach and exploring the area. Our proximity to Plymouth meant that my parents came across to meet us on two of the days and Mark's aunt and uncle, who also live in Devon, also came down to see us.

It has been a wonderful holiday and it probably won't surprise you to learn that the blog will shortly be inundated with the many pictures I have taken. However, blogging may well be sporadic as I have a great deal of laundry to get done and three Podlings who are suddenly finding themselves with far fewer people to play with than they have enjoyed over the last fortnight. We are slowly adjusting back to 'real life', but I am likely to be blogging our holiday photos well into September!

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