Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic Graeco-Roman Wrestling, London 2012

On Sunday, Mark and I had a rare treat, a day on our own without the Podlings. We very rarely get out even for an evening on our own these days, so to have an entire day of just the two of us was very special indeed. We took the Podlings round to Mark's parents and put them to bed there on Saturday night and then came back home as we had to leave early the following morning.

On Sunday, we got up early, drove down to London, parked on the outskirts and caught the Docklands Light Railway to the ExCeL Centre where we were going to watch the Olympic Graeco-Roman wrestling. I was really expecting to be bored out of my mind and was just seeing it as a pleasant opportunity to spend some quality time with my husband. Imagine my surprise when I found I quite enjoyed it!

Graeco-Roman wrestling is not very big in this country, where apparently freestyle wrestling is preferred. The commentator quickly caught on to the fact that not many people in the crowd had any idea what was going on and did a brilliant job of explaining the rules as they went along. I am deeply indebted to that nameless commentator as without him I don't think I would have enjoyed it anywhere near as much. He did a wonderful job of explaining what was going on without being patronising and was able to psych up the crowd to cheer the matches, even though there were no homegrown wrestlers to cheer for. So, a big 'thank you' to the anonymous American wrestling commentator.

Mark and I really enjoyed our time at the wrestling and both came away knowing all sorts of useful things about a sport that we will be unlikely ever to see again! We were rather disappointed that all the finals were in the evening session as I think we would both have liked to have seen them. Who knew that a professed 'girly girl' could actually enjoy watching wrestling!

Olympic Graeco-Roman Wrestling at the ExCeL Centre, London 2012

Would you look at me enjoying the wrestling! Who'd've thunk it! 

Mark has a lightbulb moment at the ExCeL Centre! 


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