Friday, 31 August 2012

Tintagel Castle

The view from above Tintagel Castle was well worth the climb 

After our visit to the Old Post Office, we took the long path down to the headland where the ruins of Tintagel Castle sit high on a cliff. We hadn't realised quite what an epic climb was involved in getting to the castle itself, so only some of us were actually able to go up there. Mark's mum and dad went to a nearby cafe and we persuaded Emma to go with them as the climb would be too much for her. Tom simply didn't fancy it, so he went with them. In the end, only Lily joined Mark and me and the three of us set off up the steep stairway to the 13th century castle.

The steps, of which there were many, were cut into the cliff and were quite deep, but Lily did really well. I think her imagination was fired up by the half-remembered stories of King Arthur that I had told her in the morning and she was determined to see the castle. The fact that the castle was built several hundred years after Arthur died (assuming he ever existed) was of little import!

The effort of climbing up those steps was rewarded by the fabulous views from the top. Lily was justifiably proud of herself for getting up there and we heaped praise on her. She really enjoyed having us to herself for an hour and was very excited to tell Nanna and Grandad about it all when we got back down to the bottom again.

Walking down the hill towards the foot of Tintagel Castle, which you can see on the cliff

Merlin's Cove, Tintagel

Lily above Merlin's Cove

A view through a window at Tintagel Castle

Lily at Tintagel Castle

A fabulous view of the rocky Cornish headland, our reward for climbing the many steps

A view through the entrance to the island courtyard

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