Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Princess and the Pump

During our stay with my parents, the Podlings all slept on small, inflatable readybeds. Mum and Dad had already got Tom and Lily's room ready before we arrived, but we were bringing Emma's bed with us and needed to inflate it when we got there.

Despite it being late when we arrived, Emma was quite adamant that she was going to pump up her own bed. We thought there was no harm in letting her have a go, so we attached the pump and hovered around waiting for her to get bored. No chance! She was determined she was going to inflate the whole bed herself and there she stood, first using her foot on the pump and then afterwards sitting down and using her hands. When Mark offered to help, she told him "I'm sorry Daddy. It's too dangerous. I have to do it myself."

She was true to her word. She pumped up her readybed entirely by herself and was very proud to get into it at bedtime that night to enjoy the fruits of her labours.

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