Monday, 6 August 2012

Tom and the Bugatti

Tom loves cars and knows all the badges and makes. He loves to look at Top Gear and other car magazines and Mark has to stop in Tesco on his way home from work every Friday to pick up the free Auto Exchange paper for him. One of Tom's greatest pleasures is being driven around on what he calls 'a toy ride'. This involves him sitting in the back of the car with his favourite stuffed toys around him, writing the names of the car garages they pass on a sheet of paper as Mark drives around. Mark is wonderful and usually looks up the location of several garages when they go out so Tom can have a nice long list to show for his toy ride.

One of the garages that Tom has really wanted to see, but has been missing from his list is the Bugatti. This is a rather exclusive car and the only Bugatti garage in the country is in Mayfair in London (as far as we know). Taking Tom to see it while we were in London on Wednesday was a must, so Mark looked up the address and after we finished at the Natural History Museum we hopped on the tube and headed to Mayfair.

It turned out to be a two for the price of one deal for Tom as right next door to the Bugatti was a Rolls Royce garage, also missing from his list. I couldn't believe the Rolls in the window cost £100, 000 more than our house! We won't be getting one of those any time soon then!

Tom was thrilled to see all these lovely cars and it was a rather happy little boy that posed in front of the Bugatti in the window. There are now only about two garages left on his 'must see' list, so the quest continues.

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