Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic Volleyball, London 2012

Mark managed to get us some tickets for the Olympic volleyball in London, so Wednesday morning saw four of us sat in Earls Court watching some incredibly tall ladies playing volleyball. The original online ticket booking system allowed no more than four tickets per booking and despite Mark's best efforts to get through to the ticket line, we were unable to get a fifth ticket. Thanks to the powers that be deciding that a family could only possibly have two children, we had to leave little Emma with her grandparents for the day while the rest of us went to London. Emma, it has to be noted, had the most fabulous time with her Nanna and Grandad and although we missed her I know that she had a better time with them than she would have had at the volleyball, so ultimately no harm done. It felt so strange being separated from her though as we always do everything together.

I know absolutely nothing about volleyball, so I have to admit that much of what went on went over my head. Not much went over the head of the incredibly tall Russian ladies we saw playing the rather shorter Algerian ones. I have never seen anyone that of the Russians was 6'8". It was a bit of a whipping, it has to be said. I was suitably distracted by the sheer height of the players and the energetic cheerleaders not to be too concerned by my total ignorance of what was going on! Mark had the good sense to learn about the sport before we left, so I think he got more out of it!

It was fantastic to be able to be there though. To be able to say that we were at the London 2012 Olympics is a wonderful thing. Mark and I will be heading to London one last time on Sunday without the Podlings to watch some Graeco/Roman wrestling (Mark's choice, not mine!)  I think I might try and learn something about the sport before we go this time!

The Olympic rings 

Lily wore her Jubilee skirt one last time. 

Russia vs Algeria, Earls Court, London 2012 

Tom with his DS...again! We brought the earphones this time, which helped him to switch off from The Loudest Woman In The World who was sat behind us. I didn't think any human being could cheer that wrong I was! At least she was enjoying herself, which is what it is all about after all.

Lily loved watching the cheerleaders

A kind American lady offered to take a photo of us, but unfortunately Lily had one of her funny five minutes and refused to be in the picture. Luckily the lady was cunning and managed to capture the hiding Lily in the photo anyway! 

Later in the day we found this statue of Wenlock, one of the Olympic mascots, across the road from the Ritz Hotel in Mayfair. Photo opportunity, naturally!

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