Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Berry Cute

This adorable little face completely threw out my holiday preparations. The night before we were due to go on holiday I had a mountain of packing to finish. Just after tea time, Emma came in from the garden and asked for a tissue because 'I have something in my nose'. I assumed that she just wanted to blow her nose, so fetched the tissue and told her to blow. She did, but said it was still there.

In a roundabout way she told me that she had put something up her nose, so I got her to lie on the sofa and had a look. Sure enough, far up in her left nostril was a red berry she had obviously found in the garden and, for want of something better to do, stuffed it up her nose.

I tried to press it out, I tried to squash the berry and I fetched some tweezers and gently tried to get it out, but it soon became obvious that it wasn't coming out without medical intervention. Luckily Mark's parents were visiting that day, so my father-in-law drove us to the local hospital. My father-in-law and I sat in that NHS walk-in centre for two hours whilst Emma played happily in the waiting room with a berry firmly wedged up her nose!

Eventually we were called in to see the nurse. Emma was very brave and co-operated well, but she couldn't help flinching whenever the implements touched the berry. It eventually took two nurses and myself to get the berry out. Two of us held her, whilst the sister managed to get the berry out using a long, thin hook and some fine tweezers. She endeared herself to the nurses by saying repeatedly "I sorry, I a bad patient!", whilst we reassured her that she was being a good girl and very brave. Bless her heart, she was so brave and I really felt for her!

We were all astonished at the size of the berry when it did eventually come out. One of the nurses exclaimed 'It's like a small tomato!'. It was very hard, very large and I have no idea how she managed to get it so far up her nose in the first place. Thankfully I think she has learned something from the experience as whenever we talk about the incident she clasps two hands over her nose! Poor little lady, I'm pretty sure she won't be stuffing objects up her nose again!

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