Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Old Post Office, Tintagel

We left my parents' house in Plymouth on the Saturday afternoon and drove straight across to Widemouth Bay in Cornwall, where Mark's parents were already waiting for us. We decided to have a quiet day on Sunday and just enjoyed our caravan in the morning. In the afternoon, Mark's parents took the Podlings swimming whilst Mark and I went grocery shopping. We even had a chance for a peaceful cup of tea and a read before they all returned from the swimming pool. Bliss!

Monday arrived in a blaze of sunshine and we headed off the caravan site determined to make the most of the beautiful day. We took a beautiful coastal road to Tintagel, where we intended to visit Tintagel Castle. When we pulled into the car park we noticed the most charming old stone building with the familiar National Trust symbol outside. We are all members of the National Trust, so naturally we decided to have a look round before heading to the castle.

The Old Post Office in Tintagel is over 600 years old and the locally quarried slate roof has gradually subsided under the weight of the tiles, giving the roof a decidedly charming irregularity. The pretty cottage garden at the back of the house, with its 10ft well, looked beautiful in the August sunshine, which failed to penetrate the house itself. The interior was cool and shady, perhaps not surprising given the small windows and the thick slate walls. So much the better for the numerous needlework samplers they had on display inside. I always love seeing these. It astonishes me that girls as young as nine could do needlework of such fine quality, far better than most grown women today could manage. I am always inspired to pick up my cross stitch when I see them.

I always get such a thrill from visiting properties like these. I feel as though I am stepping back in time and I do have trouble adjusting when I walk back out into the real world. It's probably because I read too much! It was a charming old building and I'm so glad we stumbled across it.

The rear of The Old Post Office, showing part of the lovely garden 

One of the many wonderful samplers that were on display. I love these so much!

One of the many rag rugs that were on display. Tom was particularly fond of this one, so I photographed it for him. I really want to have a go at making a rag rug. Perhaps that's something else I can do with all that free time I have. Oh wait....

Mark outside The Old Post Office.  You can get some idea of the waviness of the roof in this picture. It really is decidedly tipsy!

The Podlings with Mark's Mum and Dad in the garden of the Old Post Office.

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