Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Morning - Pictures for Nanna and Grandad

We had Christmas in our own home for the first time this year. We invited my parents to spend Christmas with us and we had a wonderful day. I wanted to share some photos of the Podlings on Christmas morning for their other Nanna and Grandad to see, since this is the first Christmas in a few years that we haven't been with them. There are, naturally, more pictures and stories to follow, but it is now very late and I am off to bed!

Wishing you all  a very Merry Christmas, with love from Mark, Paula, Tom, Lily and Emma.

All Tom wanted for Christmas was a Starbucks teddy bear and here he is opening it. A very happy little boy!

 Nanny helping Emma to open a present

Tom trying to decide which packet of Haribo to eat first!

 Tom with his new Nintendo 3DS. We had always told him he was never going to get one of these, so he was really surprised to unwrap it on Christmas morning. He loves it, but not as much as he loves his Starbucks bear I suspect! 

Lily wanted an art table for her room with every fibre of her being and was over the moon when she unwrapped this (we got her this one which fits nicely into her rather small bedroom and has a lovely little compartment for her to keep all her art supplies in) We had planned to have it all built for her, but best laid plans and all that! To say she likes it is a serious understatement! 

Emma loves play food and was thrilled with this wooden ice cream set from Nanny and Grandad, just like the ones her brother and sister have already.

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