Friday, 9 December 2011

School Christmas Concert

Tom is the rather adorable camel on the far left of the middle row.

Last week both sets of grandparents, Emma and I descended on Tom and Lily's school to watch them in their Christmas concert. Tom was a camel (and a very cute one) and I have included a short video of Tom doing part of his dance in the concert. He did really well, especially since his costume was clearly driving him nuts!

Poor Lily! She was removed from the stage in tears before I was able to get a picture of her. Her class were all dressed as children on Christmas eve and they all looked adorable in their nightclothes, slippers and dressing gowns. Unfortunately, Lily saw us all in the audience and started crying. Not because she was afraid to go on stage, but because she missed us!

Lily loved preparing for the concert and was really excited about it, but she did warn us that she was going to cry if she saw us. The school did four performances of this concert and Lily was all smiles in every one except the one I went to. In fact, a friend of mine who went to a different performance told me that Lily was making eye contact with her and beaming throughout her entire performance! She always does this to me! Next year I think I will tell her I'm going to one performance and sneak into a different one so I can actually see her!

.Apologies for the shaky footage. It is hard to hold the camera steady when you have a fidgety two year old on your lap!

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