Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Making gingerbread

The Podlings and I made gingerbread biscuits today. We made the biscuits in the morning and then had lunch.  During Emma's naptime, Tom, Lily and I watched a Christmas film and drew pictures whilst munching on candy canes and then we decorated the biscuits when Emma got up. It was basically just a really lovely day with my three favourite little people that I don't want to forget. I love the holidays!

 Emma loves to beat eggs. You can see from her face how seriously she takes the task.

 Cutting out biscuits

Emma didn't see any need to wait until we baked the biscuits and was basically content to stuff her face full of gingerbread dough instead of cutting out shapes!

Gingerbread shapes ready to be baked

 The really fun part...decorating the biscuits! You wouldn't believe the mess they made!

 Some of our gingerbread creations.

Finishing off the leftover icing is one of the perks of homebaking! 

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