Friday, 23 December 2011

Painting ornaments

During Emma's naptime today, Tom, Lily and I painted some tree ornaments from kits I bought locally a couple of weeks ago. I had initially intended for Emma to do them too, but wasn't sure the paint was of the easily washable kind. That and the fact that the ornaments were breakable made me think that perhaps this wasn't the best activity for a two year old!

When we had finished, I got Tom and Lily to write their name and age on the back of their ornaments so in future years we can remember who did what and when. I like to think the Podlings will enjoy rediscovering their homemade ornaments each Christmas as we put up our decorations.

 These kits were going for a song in our local Home Bargains

Tom painting a Christmas tree

Lily paints a Star

Tom's colourful Christmas Tree

Lily's red and green 'elf' as she called him.

I even had a go myself! The paintbrush in the kit didn't exactly allow for fine detail work, but I had a lot of fun anyway!

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