Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gingerbread house

I love all things gingerbread. My sister and I made a fabulous gingerbread house completely from scratch one year, complete with stained 'glass' windows. That was fun, but we were teenagers and it took us most of an afternoon. My little ones are still young and don't yet have that kind of staying power, so I've bought them ready-baked kits the last couple of years. This year I bought this rather adorable Lebkuchen house kit from Aldi (it was only £4.99!) and added in a bag of dolly mixtures and a bag of midget gems to add to the decorating options. We took advantage of the teachers striking the other week to put it together. Whilst I'm sure Emma would have loved to have had a go at this, I thought Tom and Lily would find it rather frustrating to have a two year old 'helping' them, so we waited until she was down for her nap. I pretty much assembled the house for them, but they had a great time decorating it. Unusually, Tom was still at it long after Lily had moved on to something else.

The hardest part was convincing them not to eat it straight away! I've told them we can eat it on Christmas eve, though I notice there are already quite a few sweets missing. I actually caught Emma in the act the other day. She had moved her ride-on car over to the where we are keeping the house, climbed on it and was trying to pick a midget gem off the roof. Little pickle!

 Getting ready to decorate.


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