Friday, 23 December 2011

Chocolate decorations

This afternoon I helped the Podlings to make chocolate decorations for the Christmas tree. Tom and Lily were surprisingly uninterested in the messy bit, which left Emma and me to fill the moulds with melted chocolate. I had to work fast as no sooner had Emma filled her mould than she started to scrape the chocolate back out again with her fingers to eat it!

Once the chocolates had cooled, I removed them from the moulds and Tom and Lily decorated them. We still have to put them in the little bags and put them on the tree, but I doubt they will get eaten as the chocolate that came with the kits is vile! I should have gone with my instincts and melted some decent chocolate (mmm, Cadburys!), but I still have the moulds so at least we can make more. Probably not before Christmas though...tomorrow is going to be busy!

 The kit is good and very cheap, but take my advice and use your own preferred brand of chocolate as the stuff that came in the kits was pretty vile!

 Emma had a great time filling the moulds

 Tom icing a decoration

 Lily concentrating on her decorating

The finished decorations

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