Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas memories

"I rincess!" ~ Emma loves to play dressing up and adored this Snow White costume she got for Christmas. 

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we thoroughly enjoyed our family time. My parents travelled up on Christmas Eve and stayed until January 2nd and it was wonderful to be able to spend so much time together.

This was the first time since Mark and I have been together that we have had Christmas in our own home, so I was slightly concerned about pulling off a four course Christmas dinner. I needn't have worried! My Dad was a wonderful help in the kitchen and prepared all the veg and though we sat down to dinner a little later than I planned, it was delicious! The turkey (the first I've ever cooked) was done to a turn and we all enjoyed our traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

It was a wonderful holiday and it was a shame it had to come to an end. Tom and Lily went back to school yesterday and things are slowly returning to normal, but I have the memories of a wonderful Christmas and New Year to make me smile while I catch up with the housework.

 I served pastries for breakfast on Christmas morning. I left the table for about two minutes and returned to find Emma had been enjoying an impromptu tasting session in my absence. She had five different pastries in front of her, each of which was missing a bite!

 Grandad hard at work on Lily's art table

 Lily giving Grandad a helping hand

 Tom managed to avoid the camera for most of Christmas Day. This is the only picture I have of him after he got dressed.

 Lily at her art table

Lily loved her new doll 

 Lily in her pretty Christmas Day outfit. I wish I could dress the girls in Sarah Louise dresses every day!

 Grandad helping Emma with a present

 A rather blurry picture of Emma with her new tea set

 Our Christmas Turkey (which Mark dubbed Lord Gobblington) with his bacon coat on. Lord Gobblington fed us faithfully for several days after Christmas. I really love leftover turkey!

 Our Christmas table, before I brought out the food. My Dad folded the napkins...he is a man of many talents!

Flash and Molly, my parents' dogs. Molly is wearing the Father Christmas coat that the Podlings got her for Christmas.


Lainey said...

Should that be 'Santa Paws' outfit?
It won't be long before the Podlings start asking for their own dog...

Paula said...

That's a terrible pun!

They have already asked for a dog, but they're not nagging. I think Lily would just like to steal Flash!