Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mow Cop Castle

 (I'm rather proud of this photo, taken through the arch at dusk)

This afternoon we took a flask of tea and a basket of home-baked goodies and climbed the hill to Mow Cop Castle. Despite its aged appearance, it isn't actually as old as it looks. It was built in 1754 as a summer house and was designed to look like a ruined castle. 'Tis but a folly, but no less worth the visit for all that. The 'castle' is less than three miles from our house, but despite having lived here for four and a half years, we have never actually driven up there to see it. It is the highest point in the area, so naturally we have seen it from a distance, but we have never been 'up close'. It was sunny, but bitterly cold today, so cold that the morning frost still lay on the ground in the shade. We wrapped up very warmly and had a lovely time exploring the folly and enjoying our little picnic. We left at dusk, but will definitely be visiting again. It is practically on our own doorstep after all!

 Mow Cop Castle. It was three in the afternoon and the morning frost still lay on the ground.

 Climbing the hill

 Stopping to enjoy the view

My sweet boy

Little Miss Independent refused to be lifted up the big steps, but did consent to let her Daddy hold her hand. 

 Inside the folly
My lovely Lily

 My three favourite little people

Enjoying a large piece of Mummy's homemade sponge

Another view of Mow Cop Castle

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Rachel said...

This looks like a great day out. Lovely photos :)