Monday, 23 January 2012

Pretty and practical

We recently had to retire the chest of drawers that Lily had in her bedroom. The bottom two drawers were unusable as they would collapse if you tried to open them, pushing the sides out of the unit and causing the second drawer to drop down too. Only the top drawer was usable, but it was such an attractive wooden unit I was reluctant to just throw it away. I threw out the bottom two drawers and then pinned a remnant of net I had leftover from another project across the gap. The unit now sits in the family bathroom and the dirty washing basket I had in that corner is now hidden behind the net curtain. The unit serves the double purpose of hiding the ripped wallpaper caused by the radiator coming off the wall last year. Plus, I still have two drawers worth of storage space available to me. I can consider it a success as even Mark said 'That doesn't look too bad' when he saw it...high praise indeed!


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