Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Passing the time

Our old boiler leaked last year, causing a lot of damage to areas of the dining room, lounge and the built-in cupboard in Emma's bedroom. The damage to the boiler sadly meant we had to get it replaced. Thankfully the damage to the rooms was purely cosmetic so we have had the decorators in this week to put it right. Aside from the chaos associated with having two of your main living rooms emptied and out of bounds, I have the added fun of trying to keep an inquisitive toddler out of the action. The last thing I want is for Emma to think that it is okay to paint walls! Yesterday we spent most of the day upstairs and I have to say that Emma has been a little treasure.

We were able to use the lounge today, but tomorrow we will probably have to spend most of the day upstairs again. I hope she is as good tomorrow as she was yesterday. I'm looking forward to getting my pictures back on the walls and my books and ornanments back where they belong. I don't function well in chaos, but it will be worth it to have nice freshly painted walls and ceilings.

 We spent some time on my bed watching DVDs on the laptop
 What to watch with your toddler? Bagpuss of course! It was my favourite programme when I was little and Emma seems to love it too. They just don't make programmes like this any more, mores the pity.

 I put a blanket down on the bed and we enjoyed a picnic lunch in my bedroom. You can see how much Emma enjoyed the experience!

 Emma playing with her toys in the bathroom sink. She got absolutely soaking, but it kept her amused for hours. She has a wonderful abiltiy to play by herself and I love listening to her games.

 Drying off after a long session playing in the sink.

 Taking advantage of the fact that the furniture is pushed away from the walls, we built a tent behind the sofa.

 The kitchen is full of the contents of the lounge and dining room at the moment so I just don't have enough space to cook. Thankfully Dominos and a 50% off coupon came to the rescue and provided tea, much to the Podlings delight. We couldn't go in the dining room because the paint was still wet, so I put a tablecloth on the coffee table and we had our meal in the lounge. The Podlings loved it!

Emma can't resist an empty box. Here she is enjoying her pudding in the empty pizza box!

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