Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas Ornaments 2011

I picked out this lovely Father Christmas for Emma 

One of our family traditions in the lead up to Christmas is to take the Podlings to our favourite garden centre to pick out their Christmas ornaments. Each of the Podlings has had a new ornament every year since they were born, so by the time they leave home they will each have a nice little collection to decorate their own trees with. Tom and Lily now pick out their own, but I picked Emma's out for her. Next year she will be old enough to choose her own and I will be interested to see what she picks out. The first year Tom was old enough to choose his own decoration he picked out the most ghastly looking thing that I now try to hang round the back of the tree every year! To be fair to him, he was only three at the time!

By way of finishing up my Christmas posts, I thought I'd share pictures of the ornaments the Podlings chose this Christmas.

Lily chose this little red Christmas fairy

Tom chose this lovely sparkly gold train. His taste in ornaments has improved over the years!


Lainey said...

I'm intrigued by this 'ghastly looking' ornament now.

Paula said...

It is truly hideous!