Thursday, 12 January 2012

An impromptu birthday party

On Monday evening Tom informed me that his favourite teddy (a ladybird called Be Mine) was having a birthday the following day and could we have a party tea. Tuesday is usually my shopping day anyway, so I added a few extras to my order and on Tuesday evening we had a little birthday party for Be Mine and one of Lily's toys who was also apparently having a birthday that day. Thankfully both toys were turning one, so I put one candle in an angel slice and we sang 'Happy Birthday'. I relit the candle several times so everyone could take turns blowing it out again. After tea we played a few party games. Just musical statues and blind man's buff, followed by a game of Sly Fox, but we all had lots of fun and Lily was most upset when it had to end.

The birthday teddies. Lily's toy giraffe was given to her by our next door neighbour when we lived in Cornwall. It has always been amongst her favourites, but has undergone many name changes. On the day of the party is was going by the moniker 'Molly', but was called Eleanor the following day.

The birthday cake, an angel slice with a candle in it.

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