Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fun in the snow

It started snowing at lunchtime today and since it was coming down thick and fast there was soon enough to go out and play in. Emma didn't eat a bite of her lunch after she saw the snow. She kept coming up to me excitedly saying 'Snow! Snow! I want to play!". She wasn't happy until we put her wellies on!

After the first session in the snow, we all came in to warm up and I headed to the kitchen to indulge in some baking. Something about the snow makes me want to bake delicious comfort food. Lily and Emma helped me to make some rock cakes and then I made up a batch of shortbread in my fabulous snowflake pan.

We put on our snow gear once again and took the sledges round the side of the house for some fun. Tom and Lily had a great time sledding down the hill, but Emma just wanted to pull her sledge up and down the hill. There wasn't much light left when we came back inside to warm up with milk, hot chocolate and home-baked goodies. We had a lovely day and hopefully the snow will hang around long enough for us to go out and build a snowman tomorrow.

 Making snow angels

 I suspect my daffodils wish they had never peaked their heads above ground!

 I love my snowflake shortbread pan. It was a Christmas gift from Mark's parents a couple of years ago and I love to use it when it is snowing.

 Homemade rock buns...delicious!

 Mark having a go on the sledge.

 Tom really enjoyed the sledging.

 I asked Emma if she wanted to ride in the sledge, to which she replied "No, can't sit. I walking!". She was quite emphatic!

 Our neighbourhood at dusk. That's our front garden immediately to the left on the lane. Very convenient for sledging!

 A very cold Lily trying to get warm!

I enjoyed my post-snow homemade shortbread with a mug of hot chocolate...perfection!

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