Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine's Day

As ever, we had a fun Valentine's Day. I have gone for a red colour scheme for the last two Valentine's Days, so I wanted to have a pink theme this year just for a change. The night before Valentine's Day I set the breakfast table with pink plates and a centrepiece that included pink crystal flowers and scattered Love Hearts. I wrapped pink tulle around the light fitting and put a few pink bits and pieces on my tea table in the corner of the dining room. We had heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and spent the afternoon baking and decorating lovely goodies for our Valentine's tea. We saved the Valentine's cake until Mark got home from work, so the Podlings were able to enjoy a special treat of cake with their supper. After the Podlings went to bed, Mark and I enjoyed a quiet three course meal together. A lovely day spent with the people I love...that's what Valentine's Day is all about.

 The dining room table, set the night before.

 Each Podling had a packet of Love Hearts and a chocolate lollipop on their plate

Emma was understandably thrilled to be allowed sweets before breakfast!

 Emma enjoying her lollipop

 I made heart-shaped Scotch pancakes for breakfast.

 We used my silicone moulds to make heart-shaped fairy cakes for tea.

 Sweets for my sweet. I made chocolate covered strawberries and decorated two special fairy cakes for my lovely husband. We have enjoyed 12 Valentine's Days together, though we were not a couple for the first one. We simply spent a lovely evening with a few friends. The following year it was just the two of us and it has been ever since, though we have since added three children to the  fun side of the day.

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Catherine said...

I love the picture of Emma with her lollipop!