Wednesday, 15 February 2012

An icy surprise

With the recent cold snap turning the snowfall into a treacherous ice rink, the Podlings had been stuck inside for over a week. They couldn't have outdoor play at school as the playground was too icy and it was the same story at home. It really wasn't that safe to go out for a walk (though the roads were clear so you were okay if you were driving). Suffice to say that after that long with no outdoor exercise the Podlings were getting cabin fever and were, shall we say, not models of good behaviour! When the ice finally started to melt we took the opportunity to take them for a walk in a local park so they could burn off some energy.

We had a nice walk around the pond and then we took them to play in the park for a while before the light levels starting dropping and we decided to head back to the car. We had a really lovely afternoon right up until the point that Tom fell in the pond!

Tom and Lily had run ahead of us whilst Mark and I walked slightly behind with Emma. They were out of sight for less than a minute, during which time Tom decided to try to walk on the icy pond and the ice gave way beneath him. Yes folks, that's how quickly a pleasant afternoon could turn to tragedy. Thankfully we were right behind them! Mark was there immediately to fish him out and the water only came up to Tom's waist in any case. The poor boy was utterly drenched and obviously very cold and shaken up from his icy dip. We stripped him off as soon has we got back to the car and wrapped him in blankets and kept him wrapped up when we got him home. Some warm milk and a hot meal later and he was feeling much better and none the worse for his dunking. The poor boy isn't too keen on going back to the park in a hurry though!

Tom standing in the slightly dilapidated bandstand before his impromptu dunking.
Lily loves death slides!
.Emma chilling out in the big swing. The play park was renovated last year and it is really good fun for the children now.

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