Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A longlived gentleman

I'm a little behind with the blog. This is the snowman we made the Sunday before last. He is worthy of note as he is the longest living snowman we have ever had. We didn't have any more snow after that Sunday, but the weather was so cold for the following week that most of the snow was still on the ground the following Sunday. Mr Snowman was still going strong over a week after we built him, after which the novelty clearly wore off as the Podlings decided it would be great fun to kick him apart and stomp him into the ground (his head had already fallen off by this point). Lovely creatures, children!

Emma was tickled pink by the snowman and kept pointing out his features: "Cawot nose! 'tone eyes! 'tone mouse!"  ("carrot nose, stone eyes, stone mouth" for those of you who don't read toddler)

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