Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Feeling sheepish

We had a bit of a sheep theme going on this morning. No particular reason other than that I've had an idea for a sheep craft in my head for a while and wanted to do it with the Podlings this morning. The craft is incredibly quick and simple to do, and requires a paper plate, cotton wool balls, cardboard, googly eyes (of course!) and, in Lily's case, excessive amounts of glue. I drew out the head, legs and facial features and cut them out. All the Podlings had to do was assemble the sheep. Lily really enjoyed doing this craft and couldn't stop looking at her sheep when he was finished. I had trouble getting it off her to allow it to dry as she really wanted to play with it. Tom opted not to take part again and wandered off to play at being a postman instead. Because the projects we do at home are supposed to be for fun, I tend not to push Tom into joining in if he doesn't want to. However, I think he will find the transition to school quite difficult once he realises that he will have to do things he isn't necessarily inclined towards! I guess that's something we'll need to work on over the next few months.
After we'd finished making the sheep, we sang a few sheep-related nursery rhymes (Baa Baa Black sheep, Old McDonald, etc.) and talked about what sheep eat and where wool comes from. After that we read a few sheep-based stories, including one of our family favourites, 'Marvin wanted more' by Joseph Theobold (I wrote about this book here).

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Quidam_Ela said...

I love sheep!

Did you sit down to roast lamb after the sheep-themed day?!