Wednesday, 14 November 2007


The parents amongst you will know how it is when your child gets a favourite story. It becomes THE get to the end, and lo and behold you have to start it all over again. There are dozens of books that make me groan inwardly when I have to read them just once, let alone over and over again, but Tom's current favourite is not one of them. "Marvin wanted more" by Joseph Theobold is about a little sheep who is fed up that all the other sheep can run faster and jump higher than him. As with many of us, Marvin thinks the answer to his problems is to eat (ah, we've all been there Marvin!). In fact, Marvin is insatiable and eventually devours the entire world, which, as you might expect, makes him feel a bit unwell. The moral of the story, in short, is that if you eat too much you will be sick! My mum-in-law gave this book to Tom a couple of years ago, and I never get tired of reading it to the Podlings. I just love this book! If you are planning on giving a toddler a book for Christmas, may I heartily recommend "Marvin wanted more".

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