Tuesday, 20 November 2007

May contain shot

It's not often I can boast that about our tea, but, according to the packaging, last night's tea may indeed have contained shot. It didn't, but it could have done, which left me with a lovely domestic goddess glow after preparing our meal! I was quite impressed with the meal I made for Mark and myself last night, which is why I feel the need to boast of my culinary prowess! We had roast pheasant, gravy, roast potatoes (made from scratch, of course), broccoli, carrots and peas. Someone in Mark's group at work has an orchard and recently gave us some cooking apples, so I used some of these to make an apple and cinnamon crumble, served with custard, for dessert. It wasn't even a special occasion, I just felt like going the extra mile last night. It was so delicious and I definitely felt like a Good Wife for giving my husband such hearty fare!

(BTW, my friend Matthew will be totally unimpressed by this tale. He and his wife have a small farm in New Zealand and never buy meat. What they don't raise themselves, Matthew hunts for. They are, in fact, raising a piglet called 'Spit Roast' for Christmas dinner. Makes my shop-bought pheasant look a bit pathetic really! Hi Matthew!)


KreativeMix said...


Matthew said...

I'm impressed, not many people want to try meat that isn't chicken, beef, lamb or pork, so good on you! Don't see many pheasant's over here, and it's a lovely bird to eat! It's always rewarding to cook up a nice roast, and have it turn out well and be enjoyed.

Oh, if you want a really yummy lamb like roast, try goat, roasted low and slow it is fantastic!

sharon said...

Hi Paula... I am not sure about Matthew's roast goat but he does make lovely sausages. I was impressed by your culinary prowess. If you can remember coming to dinner at my house all those years ago you will remember that I am not a domestic goddess in the kitchen. By the way you have two lovely children and I often look at your blog ( and enjoy reading it).
Sharon (Matthew's mum)

Paula said...

Hi Sharon,

How lovely to hear from you! Yes of course I remember coming to your house. I thought the food you cooked was really nice! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I love to write it and I'm thrilled that people seem to like reading it.

Congratulations on your lovely little grandson, by the way. He looks like a delightful little boy.