Thursday, 8 November 2007

Ground, swallow me up!

OK, all you mums who read this blog, what embarrassing situations have your children got you into? I only ask because misery loves company, and boy was I embarrassed earlier this evening!

I was taking the children upstairs for their bath. We were halfway up the stairs when there was a knock at the door. I couldn't think who it might be as we don't know anyone here and we never get visitors. I bundled one Podling under each arm and carried them back downstairs. I could see through the glass of the door that it was the police, but I couldn't think why they would be calling here. Thankfully, Mark had just rung to say he was on his way home from work, otherwise I know I would have thought they were here to tell me some awful news! Maybe they were talking about neighbourhood watch, or perhaps some crime had been committed and they wanted to know if I had heard anything? I opened the door to two very pleasant police women one of whom smiled and asked if "everything was okay because we've received an abandoned 999 call from this address".

"Ah," I said, my heart sinking as I flashed back twenty minutes to finding the phone off the hook, "That would be my daughter!".

Earlier today, Tom had come into the kitchen as I was clearing up the lunch things to tell me that "Yiyi's ringing on the telephone!". I had gone into the playroom to find her sat on the sofa chatting merrily away into the phone. I took it off her and moved it out of her reach...or so I thought! At about 5.45pm this evening, my 17 month old daughter called the police! You can imagine my embarrassment! I was suitably chagrined and apologised for wasting their time, but they were exceedingly pleasant about the whole thing and left with smiles on their faces. I, as you can guess, was not smiling!

Gotta love that baby girl!

So, that's (thus far!) the most embarrassing situation one of my children has got me into. Tell me yours...

"Silent sorrow" by Walter Langley


Quidam_Ela said...

That's hilarious! Made me laugh out loud - explains the odd glances I'm getting from the other uni computer users...

The Slusser Family said...

Hi! Found your site when you left a comment on my cousin's site, Sarah, who is moving to England soon. I have a story for you! We are trying to teach our daughter about modest clothing, thanks to all the Paris Hiltons and Brittany Spears running around the globe! Anwyay, the other day at the store she saw a woman dressed immodestly and shouted to her dad, "Wow, dad! That lady is very immodest!" My husband's face turned a lovely shade of red. When he saw the same lady a few minutes later in another isle, she had put on a sweater. hahah. . . yes, gotta love kids. Please feel free to visit my blog!