Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Winter Wonderland

We didn't get as much snow as the eastern side of the country, but we had enough yesterday to give everything a beautiful coating. Just deep enough to get that fabulous crunch when you walk on it. I took some pictures of the house and garden this morning before the sun gets any higher and melts the snow. Already, the snow on the roof is melting and it won't be long before we are left with just a few white patches on the grass.

I was rather disappointed that the Podlings didn't show any interest in wanting to play in the snow yesterday...unnatural pair! Maybe I'll get them out in it later, but Tom really hates the cold so I doubt I'll have much luck there. He cried for much of the walk up to playgroup this morning, even though the only part of unexposed flesh was his face, poor thing. I think I'll have more luck with Lily, who was stomping in the snow and watching her feet sink with interest. If I get any photos of them playing in the snow, I will share them later.

Mark took this picture of the garden late last night.

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